I was wondering why small and medium businesses normally ask for short adverts.

It’s partly fashion and partly economy – if you have no money to test long copy against short copy, you’ll choose the short stuff.

That’s why we’ve decided to buck the trend by placing this long-copy advert on the back cover of our local business magazine, Colchester Connected.

It has well over 700 words, and it’s shamelessly inspired by this David Ogilvy classic (though he didn’t have to fit his on a sheet of A4).

It might not be your cup of tea, but if it hits a chord with the readers of Colchester Connected I’m sure they’ll be ringing us on 01206 266 799…

Too small to read? Download this PDF instead. You could read it half a mile away…

Update: this advert was responsible for bringing in a significant percentage of our income for the year. It performed significantly better as a leaflet than as a magazine advert.